Paul Five (Synthetic UK, The Serotonin Sunset and Strict Regime) will be releasing the track Death Ecstasy via all major outlets on the 10th October 2019.

The man once described by Starvox magazine as a “one man rock god masterclass” is back with a blend of pounding industrial rhythms and heavy rock guitar.

Paul says:”I first had the idea for this song at an underground club in Leipzig. It was the last night of Gotik Wave Treffen and I was with the other members of Synthetic. The music was amazing and everyone looked incredible. We drunk a lot of tequila and as the night went on the music just send to keep getting more and more intense with these heavy rhythms and dark Gothic lyrics. It was a kind of ecstasy in a church crypt. The song is all about that feeling.

The last release Paul played on was the Strict Regime track – also called “Strict Regime” back in 2011 + it gained the band hundreds of fans and over 10,000 plays of that and other SR tracks . “I don’t know where the time went, I’ve been playing music all the time but a lot of that was live and under different names. But I’m back now as I feel it’s time to remind the world about Synthetic UK and Strict Regime… and my solo music too!” said Paul from his studio in Brighton.

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